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Ex-Obama border patrol chief says it's 'absolutely false' to say walls don't work

Former border patrol chief during the Obama administration, Mark Morgan, on Wednesday said on Hill.TV on that it is "absolutely false" to say that walls do not work along the border. "There's so much false information that's being provided out there, and they're misleading the American people, so I'm just trying to do my best," Morgan told hosts Buck Sexton and Krystal Ball in an appearance on "Rising." He was asked to specify what false information he has seen spread in the immigration debate. "One of the best ones is walls are ineffective," he said. "2006, the bipartisan Secure Fence Act. 2013, the Senate passes a bipartisan immigration bill with $8 billion dollars included in a fence, and just last year, there was money for fencing and barriers," he continued. Morgan said Yuma, Ariz., is an example of a city that has seen illegal immigration drop as a result of a border barrier. "They build 23 miles of a physical barrier, and then they added additional technology and personn


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